24 August 2010

I Think I Changed My Mind...

For as long as I can remember, I've preached the gospel of chocolate candy. I've firmly believed that eating the empty calories in candy should be reserved for chocolate: Hershey Toffee and Almond Nuggets, Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. But I'd like to confess that I've changed my mind. Now, I like non-chocolate candy. Especially the sour stuff.

In no particular order, these are candies have come into my life and have been enjoyed as much as chocolate candy:

My friend, Betsy, introduced me to Sour Patch Kids. At first, I didn't think I loved them. But then I discovered I was wrong. These are so yummy! Sour, and then sweet. Yes, please!  


Oh, Giant Chewy Nerds, I'm so glad you're not just an Easter candy. The first time I bought these, they were packaged as bumpy jelly beans. They were for my candy dish at school.  My first year, I kept seasonal candy on my desk for students. Once the season or holiday passed, I would change the candy. Normally, I'd use up all of the candy in the bags before the change. But not the bumpy jelly beans/Giant Chewy Nerds. I hoarded them. I was uber-excited when a student shared that they're not just available at Easter, but I could find them year-round. I'd like to think that my eyes were shielded to the truth of tart candy.

Zours are my newest find. When we attended a Rangers game in May, the mom in front of us was passing a box to the four kids she had. They all loved them. I memorized the name and the box, knowing that I would find them. The hunt took six weeks. I scoured gas stations and drug stores. Finally, I went into the drug store I actually use for prescriptions. Since I normally pick-up my prescription at the drive-thru, I don't go in very often. I think angels sang when I spotted the box of Zours. Husby was with me, and I don't think he heard any singing. Again, I'd like to point out that the truth has been revealed to me. His time will come. In fact, tonight, he's the one who asked for a handful of Zours on the way out the door. I feel that it's coming soon.

So, are there any candies you'd recommend? Any that just put a twinge in your jaw? Any that you smuggle into buy at the movie theatre?

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Betsy said...

Aaaand....you're welcome. :)