09 November 2011

Thankful: Day 9

Even though it's felt like a sauna for a week,
I've refused to dress appropriately.
For the past week, I've dressed as though it's fall.
Because, you know, it IS. Except for the temperatures in east Texas.
And I've been overly warm everyday.
I love sweater dresses and tights and boots and scarves.
Basically, I love feeling like I'm in my pajamas all day.
So, today I am thankful that another cool front came through!
After yesterday's storms and tornado warnings,we have fall-ish temperatures.
And I didn't sweat on my way up the stairs to my office.

Now, tonight I am thankful for a toasty fire and my wool boots.
And Husby is bringing home dinner a yummy Vietnamese dinner.
Pho and spring rolls? Yes, please.
My plan is for dinner in front of the television, watching Alias.
Because, you know, I'm 6-10 years behind on a few different series.
I'm not sure why I didn't jump on the boat then,
but now I like to talk about HOW GREAT Alias is,
even though everyone already knows what happens. Shhh...don't tell me.
 I'm thankful for all of you who have put up with listening about the amazing Sydney Bristow.
Maybe one day, I'll get to talk about Lost.

1 comment :

Christine said...

That's hysterical! Love me some Alias and LOST. I'm not saying anything about the ending of either of them though.