07 November 2011

Thankful: Day 7

You know that time change?
I'm thankful for it.
I'm probably the only one in the U.S.
I always love this time of year, when it gets dark earlier.
(I realize this might change when we have children.)

Although I wish I were home every night before dark,
it's almost impossible.
Tonight was one of those nights.
I had errands to run.
But as a began home, in the dark, I smiled.
There's something magical to me about headlights shining in the newly darkened sky.
I like to think that everyone is heading home, to be with family.
Though I'm sure that's not always the case.

Now, if only another cold front would blow through, it might feel like a real November.
Not like a muggy, summer morning in June.
I want to wear tights and boots and sweater dresses.
Without feeling like I'm having a heat stroke!

In time, it will come.
The season will change.
The temperatures will match the darkened skies.
The season of coziness will have made it's way to Texas.
And I will be thankful.

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