04 November 2011

Thankful: Day 4

I am thankful for all of my friends.
But today, I am especially thankful for couple friends.
Who knew when getting married that finding a couple to hang out with would be so challenging?
The girls both have to like each other; the boys both have to like each other.
Then, the opposite sexes at least have to get along.

So far, we've been pretty lucky in this department.
We have a few sets of couple friends.
Today, though, I'm thankful for a specific set.
They've invited us to their house for the weekend.
With the promise of pumpkin pecan rolls.
And coffee.
And a drive-in movie. 
I'd be more than happy to visit them even if they didn't promise any of these things.

I've known Patti for over 10 years.
We went to Romania together.
We're soul-friends. BFFs.
I rode with her from Dallas to Denver a couple of times while she and Brent dated.
I only drove about 2 hours, total.
I'm not the best roadtripper.
I automatically fall asleep when I get in a car.
It's a Pavlovian response since I get carsick and can't do anything, but sleep, in a car.
I lurve her.

Brent and Husby get along so well.
They talk about things like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
They're both quite intelligent and discuss deep subjects.
At which point, Patti and I talk about the latest coffee creamer flavors.

Brent and Patti are on our hometeam.
(This term is from Bittersweet. It's meant for those people that can see you at your very worst without feeling guilt or any judgement being passed: no-makeup, in pajamas, uncleaned house, in a crisis.)
Oh, the fun we have with them!
We love them, so.

Patti & Brent

 Me & Husby

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Anonymous said...

you made me tear up a little. God is good. We are thankful for yall! Brent woke up this morning and before i even got a "good morning" he said "our friends are coming tonight!" love yall! can't wait! we feel the same as yall- blessed.