10 November 2011

Thankful: Day 10

I go back and forth with my thankfulness.
Am I really thankful?
Honestly, I feel superficial in my thanksgiving.
I've been keeping up with the Compassion Bloggers who are in Ecuador.
I'm consumed and convicted by the stories they tell and the pictures on their blogs.

The faces in these pictures, they're powerful.
The conditions in which they live are heart-breaking to me.
But not to them.
They're thankful for what they have.
Thankful for a roof to cover their heads,
even though shreds of glass litter the low lying roofs to keep thieves away.
Thankful for the potatoes and pigs they're able to sell to provide for the family.
Thankful for a job, even though a single mom is away from her children for 14 hours a day.
Thankful for $200 a month income.
And ever so thankful when a child receives a Compassion sponsor.
I can't even fathom it.
And yet these sweet people are thankful.

Through this month of figuring out how to give thanks,
my heart is being molded by the Father.
I'm learning what thankfulness is.
And what it isn't.

I'm thankful that we have resources to give to Compassion kids.
Thankful that we have two of our very own--who live in Thailand.
Regretful that I am not a more active Compassion sponsor.
Thankful that my heartstrings are being pulled to pray for and encourage "our kids."

Do you have a little extra money to give each month?
Do you sponsor a child through Compassion?
If not, here's how.

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