05 January 2011

After 2.5 Weeks...

Hello, friends (or those of you who didn't get too annoyed with my lack of blogging that you removed me from your Google reader). I'm hoping that readership hasn't fallen below ten, but I understand if it has. Two and a half weeks between posts is just a tad ridiculous.

I feel that it's a little late to write about our fabulous Christmas with family. And that Husby surprised me with the rug I've obsessed over for the past 8 months. It looks terrific in our living room. And then, in an attempt to make Christmas dinner easier than homemade enchiladas (that I normally make), my brother and his girlfriend, Brooke, made us a superb Christmas dinner involving way too much homemade pasta. Evidently I'm back to making enchiladas next year because, although tasty, homemade pasta is a pain.

We spent New Years' Eve with our fun friends, Brent and Patti. It was wild and crazy. (Said in a very low, monotone voice.) By 8pm, I was certain I could stay up until midnight. By 10:45pm, I asked if we could move the clock forward an hour. I couldn't get an unanimous vote, so I spent the next hour and fifteen minutes eating pretzels dipped into the chocolate fountain and drinking coffee. Which made going to sleep at 12:03am just fabulous! The following morning, they cooked us a breakfast that involved many a breakfast items, including biscuits and cherry butter. Yum! I just love seeing these two friends. They make our lives happy.

I spent Christmas vacation doing stuff, and I was quite regretful that I never had a day just to rest. Husby was off the second week, and although he had some downtime, I pulled him along to run errands and do stuff. I've decided that if he takes any days off at Spring Break, we're not doing stuff. We're just going to enjoy each other, either at home or on a trip. I did make a dent in my Christmas To Do list, but I think I'd be more proud of having rested. I am proud of the relationships that got some TLC over the break. Since my job was so crazy last semester, my friendships suffered. I expected it and had understanding friends, but it was still difficult. I was able to touch base with several friends, but unfortunately, I didn't get through my list. It'll happen, though.

In the spirit of making resolutions, I've decided to make a few manageable, short-term goals and a long-term goal. Short term goals include: work out 24 times in the next 6 weeks (that's 4x per week) and cook one new recipe each week for the next 6 weeks. Long term goal: read through the Bible this year. My mom did this last year, and it inspired me to do it. So far, so good. :)

I pray that this year is off to a great start for you!

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Betsy said...

Kristina- Marvin is doing another round of "Bible in 90 days" very soon. I still have the version of the Bible that they use (it's marked every 12 pages so that you can stay on pace with everyone else). If you're interested, or would just like to borrow it to help you go through it, let me know!