07 January 2011

To Do List Update

I made a list to do over Christmas break. Here's the status of everything. I completed over half of the items, and I feel good about that.

Purge our home of 100 items (donate to Goodwill, sell on Craigslist, throw in the trash)
To expedite this process, I donated anything that wasn't trashed. My intention was to write a list of everything, but I was too excited to get rid of things! There were shoes and clothes and shoes and clothes and a few other things. Ummm...because confession is good for the soul, I have100 magazines boxed and ready to deliver, PLUS the other 100 items already finding new homes. Yes, I have an issue with keeping magazines. But I've embraced it and am taking control!

Take my wedding dress to be preserved--finally
Yes, I took it. And it came home with me on the hanger. I can't bear spending so much on this. I think I might actually sell my dress. Don't get me wrong: I LOVED IT. I'm just not super attached to it. And it's beautiful. Someone else could enjoy it.

Print wedding portraits finally and have framed
We decided which prints we want, I just didn't make it to the printer. Dang it.

Organize closets (Husby's, mine, and one other)
I actually organized two other closets, but didn't make it to ours. It'll happen. It could be when we move out someday, but it will happen.

Clean, clean, clean (also read: vacuum, dust, mop)
Some things were cleaned, but not the whole house. Lots of dusting happened, though. I just HATE vacuuming! And I don't think the house will ever be clean at one time. I need to learn to be okay with that.

Organize the cabinets off of the kitchen
Didn't happen.

Complete recipe binder reorganization
Just need to write a few more recipes and purge any loose papers. A couple of hours, and it'll be done!

Research making a king-sized upholstered headboard
Layer foam, batting and fabric over wood frame.

Send dimensions for headboard (76" wide x 58" tall x 4" deep) to carpenter for simple frame from 2x4s and plywood.

Find navy velvet fabric for headboard
Fabric at Hobby Lobby; doesn't go on sale--take 40% off coupon. Need 6 yards.

Search for end tables to silver leaf
Found at The Wood Shed (unfinished furniture)

Research how to silver leaf
Found here. Actually, I'll aluminum leaf, since it's cheaper.

Order aluminum leaf, Quick Set Gilding Size
To do this month.

Decide on new bedding (but wait until January White Sales to buy)
Can't find any simple, white bedding that I love, but I'm looking!

Organize my iTunes account

Hang the huge clock we received for a wedding present
It looks great!

Undecorate after Christmas
I always dread this, and I promise that I'll never decorate as elaborately, but that won't happen. As much as I love the decorations, I really am fine when they come down. Now our house seems more open again and not as cluttered.

I hope that over the next few weeks, our bedroom will start to take shape and that a few more of these things will be knocked off the list. I just love the feeling of accomplishment when a list is complete!

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