11 January 2011

A Rough Day

Mercy. I am so glad the work day is over! It was an unplanned crazy day, and I feel like I've been beaten. This week I have multiple presentations, three different days, over PSAT score interpretation. Remember those days? I do not miss them. Although I would have rather taken a standardized test than have the scenario play out the way it did today.

See, I'm a planner. A pretty detailed planner. I typically have things ready several days--maybe even a week--in advance for presentations: copies, PowerPoint's, reminders sent via email, etc. I knew that I was a several days behind my norm, but I felt that I could get everything done. Yesterday, I stayed late to get my presentations for the freshmen. Easy enough. I reviewed the PowerPoint, developed a script, made my copies and came home before dark (which was my goal since Husby was out of town for the night, and I don't like being home alone or walking in the house when it's dark).


This morning, I was working on my presentation for tomorrow. I had about an hour I had before my first presentation of the day. I was good. Until my colleague came into my office and asked if I was still working with the juniors today. What? Let's just say I wanted desperately to panic, but I didn't have time. In under a minute, I grabbed a presentation and flew to the library while she made copies for me. I had to give Thursday's presentation today. I hadn't prepared. I had only looked at the slides once. But I had to do it, and I did. Whew. Only two more to go. Thank goodness I had about an hour before the second presentation. I updated my PowerPoint, developed a script and begged someone to make copies for me. All went well, including my presentation to parents, which is always so nervewracking. As soon as walked into my office at the end of the day, I felt all of the tension in my shoulders that had been stored there all day. No fun. The good news is that I'm ahead for the rest of the week.

Husby just got home. I'm making hamburgers for dinner, and we plan to cozy up on the couch in the winter weather event of 2011. It's getting into the teens tonight. That's so cold for us sweet southerners!

I'm off to flip some burgers...

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