16 December 2010

A Christmas Break To Do List

Oh, y'all. I just love being lazy. Unfortunately, sometimes a good thing crosses the line into sit-on-the-couch-for-eight-hours-and-do-absolutely-nothing-and-hope-that-Husby-doesn't-notice-that-there-are-still-4-loads-of-laundry-to-be-done. In order to avoid the above scenario, I decided that I need a list to tackle during my Christmas break. Two weeks off at Christmas is an excellent time for rest, family and just getting things done.

I wasn't successful at purging 100 items before Thanksgiving. I gathered about twenty and had others in mind for removal from our home, but wasn't able to complete the project. So that will stay on my to do list, along with several other things I hope to will accomplish during the break, which begins this coming Monday:
  • Purge our home of 100 items (donate to Goodwill, sell on Craigslist, throw in the trash)
  • Take my wedding dress to be preserved finally
  • Print wedding portraits finally and have framed
  • Organize closets (Husby's, mine, and one other)
  • Clean, clean, clean (also read: vacuum, dust, mop)
  • Organize the cabinets off of the kitchen
  • Complete recipe binder reorganization
  • Research making a king-sized upholstered headboard (find navy velvet fabric)
  • Search for end tables to silver leaf
  • Research how to silver leaf
  • Decide on new bedding (but wait until January White Sales to buy)
  • Organize my iTunes account
  • Hang the huge clock we received for a wedding present
  • Undecorate after Christmas :(
I'll keep you posted on my progress--mainly because I need to know that others will know what I've done and haven't.

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