09 December 2010

Not a Wordless Wednesday

My original plan for posting today was "Wordless Wednesday." But then I somehow figured out that it's not Wednesday, so this post won't be wordless. If I had done a Wordless Wednesday (which I probably won't ever do because I keep typing worldless and having to correct it), I would have simply posted a picture of my Christmas tree. Let's go ahead and take a look...

I think that I should take a class on taking a picture of my Christmas tree. I just can't get it right. It really is covered in ornaments and has clear and colored lights and it's flocked, and the bow on top looks a lot better in real life. But you can't tell this from the picture. You'll just have to trust me (or give me tips on taking a good Christmas tree picture.) Oh, and I love my Christmas tree skirt. It has grosgrain ribbon, rick rack AND buttons. That's like the trinity of cute--you don't know how they all fit together, but they do.

Happy Wednesday Thursday!

1 comment :

Rachel B said...

Love your tree!!! Call Kat for some tips on taking a pic of your tree. I am sure she would love to help. Miss ya!