30 January 2010

Friday Miscellany [on Saturday]: Boots, New Words and Happy Endings

I'm sure y'all are thinking that I didn't post yesterday because I had to catch up on the DVR. Well, you're wrong. I had to chaperone a dance, which was so much more fun. It was so fun that Husby went with me. And I just know he loved it. The Rave to Save 2010 (in support of Haiti earthquake victims) was exactly how we wanted to spend our Friday evening.

We worked the admission table. Other than checking to make sure guest names were on "the list," I didn't have a huge job and Husby had none. So I took it upon myself to make as many kids as possible feel guilty for keeping any change they received from paying admission to the dance. My signature line was, "The people in Haiti need it more than you." Considering the school where I work, it's true for 90% of the kids.

In other miscellaneous news from my slightly boring week:

1. My friend, Lindsey, received good news from her team of FIFTY doctors about her cancer. They were able to pinpoint why her last treatment was not effective. Hopefully, they've found exactly what will work to heal her body. Please pray big prayers for her. Our God can heal her body.

2. I bought some slouchy boots! It took me almost this entire season to buy them. I was so resistant to liking them. And then the first time I tried them on, I wasn't convinced. But I decided that ballet flats are not the most appropriate shoes to wear with tights on rainy days. And since I wear dresses and skirts most of the time, tights are a critical part of my winter wardrobe. Of course, when you wait till the end of the season, pickings are slim. I found these Steve Madden's at Dillard's. I wore the to last night's Rave, and I loved them. I foresee lots of use over the last few weeks of cold weather.

3. I heard the word "anthropromorphize" twice this week: once by Husby and once on NPR. (Yes, I listen to NPR. Don't laugh. It makes me smarter.) It's a good thing I wrote a paper on this topic in college! Otherwise, I wouldn't know that it's the ascribing of human qualities to things not human.

4. We're going to sees Avatar today. I've heard it's Smurfs meet Fern Gully with the Dances with Wolves plot. Husby wants to see it for the historicity. (It's the first time I'd heard that word.) I've seen Smurfs and Fern Gully, but I've never seen all of Dances with Wolves. I'm pretty sure that Kevin Costner dies at the end, though, so I'm expecting a main character of Avatar to be killed off.

5. Sometimes, I don't watch movies when I know characters will die. Or I turn them off before they die at the end. For example, my version of Love Story ends happily with the two characters in love. Why ruin a perfectly good story with tragedy? Oh, of course life doesn't always have a happy ending, but movies can. When you turn them off before they end. I should have walked out of Cold Mountain. I'm pretty sure I could have liked it without the ending.

6. I'm working on my monthly meal plan today. I'm really excited!

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