19 January 2010

Three Day Weekend Productivity

Oh, y'all. I love a three day weekend. They're such a treat. They allow for some relaxation and lots of productivity.

On Saturday, I stayed in my pajamas until 6pm. At which point, I decided to take a shower before I cooked dinner. For some reason, pajamas allow me to be super productive. Honestly, it's probably the lack of shower taking that helps. I loathe the process of getting ready. It takes way too long, and I feel like I'm a quick get ready-er. (I shower much quicker than Husby.) But then it's the hair drying and styling, finding something to wear, hunting for a pair of black tights, getting side-tracked by my iPhone because I'm so bored with the process, then getting frustrated because I've been too active after drying my hair so my bangs are a little sweaty, which causes a slight wave. So avoiding a shower on a day that I won't leave the house allows for so much more productivity.

Saturday's domestic productivity included: making pancakes, washing clothes (which I dislike more than the getting-ready process), organizing the pantry, starting Sunday's short ribs, making a pound cake, reading, and making tuna casserole for dinner.

(Don't turn up your nose as I did. I'd never had it, but Husby said he had a "hankering" for it. Being a good wife, I found a recipe and made it. And enjoyed it. It wasn't overly tuna-y. Probably because it had almost three cups of cheese in it and potato chips on top. I'd eat pretty much anything with that description.)

I doubt several of those things would have happened if I'd gotten ready for the day. I just hate when my clean hair gets sweaty after too much house-cleaning/organizing.

I did get ready for church on Sunday. We took snacks for our class; I made sausage-cheese muffins, and they were a hit. After church and lunch, we enjoyed our afternoon three monthiversary celebration. Since we had a friend over for dinner, I didn't feel that returning to pajamas would be in good taste. I opted for jeans. With my wool house boots. So cozy!

Monday was nothing but productivity. And a little facebook and Pandora radio. I rearranged all of our clothes. Mine moved to a new closet, which is closer to our room, so hopefully, I'll hang my clothes every night rather than one time a week. I assembled a shoe rack which will serve as a sweater rack for Husby. Bins and baskets are strategically placed to make our lives easier.

And by lives made easier, I'm referring to the putting away of laundry and my getting ready process.

I can't wait for President's Day. Come on, February!

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Pleasant Drive said...

sounds like a perfect day in a perfect haven!