23 January 2010

Friday Miscellany [on Saturday]

Because I often have random or boring weeks, I decided that a weekly miscellaneous post might be in order. One that doesn't require too much thought. Highlights of the week, if you will. And when catching up on my DVRed shows prohibits me from posting Friday Miscellany, I'll have this feature: Friday Miscellany [on Saturday]. Good, huh?

1. My friend Lindsey (and her husband, Brian) needs your prayers for a miracle. Folks, spread the word to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Lindsey is mid-20s and battling her second round of cancer. Now, if this were me, it would completely define my life. But it doesn't define her life. At all. Her life is defined by her love for our Lord. Her faith is amazing. Please join me in praying BIG prayers. Pray for her body to be healed of cancer. You can keep up with her story here.

2. It's a good thing for my laptop that I blog. Otherwise, we would have broken up. See, I upgraded to an iPhone, which is really like an additional appendage. I think I checked facebook 112 times in three hours, while catching up on the DVR. I needed to know if there were any new notifications waiting on me.

3. Husby has been sick for two days. He's stayed upstairs most of the time, so I've been in charge of the remotes. (We had a lesson on how to use the NEW remote for sound control. It's so confusing. I liked my 12-year-old TV. With duct tape holding the battery cover to the remote.)

4. As for the DVR. I caught up on What Not to Wear and Cougar Town. I act like I would follow fashion advice. Please, I actually thought at one point tonight, "I hope no one is filming me right now since I'm in polka dot pajama pants, 1 of 3 long-sleeved Racquet & Jog t-shirts, and my wool house boots." And that, my friends is a hot mess. A hot mess paranoid about checking her iPhone.

Y'all, I really like Cougar Town. It could be that it's only 30 minutes, and sometimes I have difficulty committing to an hour-long show. I've also loved Courteney Cox-Arquette since she was "Monica." And she's great in this. Of course, she's quirky, and I LOVE IT! And this right here is one of the funniest scenes the week: Jules is comforted by M&M Tea. And it made me want some. I talked myself into making some, but we don't have plain M&M's. Mostly because I only like peanut M&M's. Please watch it. Please?

5. At work today, one of my students asked me for the spelling of his middle name. He's 18, but since he "never uses it," he didn't know if it's spelled with a "-y" or an "-ey." I mean, it's perfect logic. Right?

I'm off to check my iPhone. (Okay, I've already checked it twice while blogging.) (I'll need an intervention in a week. The newness has worn off. This is pure addiction.)


Jessica said...

I watch cougar town! i love it too =)

Julie Adams said...

I love "Cougar Town!" I am really getting jealous of these wool boots you keep mentioning...

Pleasant Drive said...

I'm not kidding, you are one of the funniest people that I know. I never knew that about you until you started blogging. I made Brian pause his movie so that I could read him a few things you said, but the deal about the student's middle name was priceless. Thank you so so so much for enlisting prayer support for me. You are so special, Kristina.