03 January 2010

Creating a Home

After almost three months of marriage, I feel like we're--well, I'm--developing a style for our home. I've always loved tons of styles, and still do, but I've felt that you have to pick one style for your home. I feel like I like I'm drawn to lots of different styles: traditional, modern, vintage, rustic, shabby chic. You name it, I'll find something about it that I like. I also love lots of colors: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, black, brown, white. Oh, and also lots of patterns: stripes, plaids, argyle, animal print, polka dots. I now think it's okay to mix styles, patterns and colors--within reason--to create a house that we'll love.

While registering, it was so hard to find something in two days. I need time to make a decision. Sometimes lots of time. My go-to was neutrals. I decided that we could live with them without tiring as quickly. Our bedding is this white set with a blue quilt. With walls painted Latte from Sherwin Williams, our bedroom is nice and calming. But I think I found the bedding. I love this from Macy's! It's a little modern, but neutral. There's also this from Pottery Barn. With a little color thrown in to a neutral background, I really like it a lot. (If I had my way, I'd have multiple sets of bedding to change throughout the year. Oh, the choices!)

We recently ordered this new couch for our living room. Again, I went with a neutral. But with the intent of having a colorful throw pillows. We currently have a green rug, which works nicely, but what I'd really like is this zebra rug. And then maybe these red pillows. I think I could love it! And hopefully, Husby would, too.

It's so much fun designing a home. Although it takes some time since we do live on a budget, because I'm such a slow decision maker, I think it works nicely. I'd love feedback on mixing styles, colors and patterns!


Christine said...

Mix away, my friend! You know I love the Anthropologie style with lots of mixing patterns and colors and textures. Just do it! I also adore that zebra rug!

Pleasant Drive said...

And, I thought that I was the only one who can't commit to a single style. I love coastal, traditional, you name it. But, what I've noticed lately is that most of the popular home furnishings stores (i.e. Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware) is, in fact, a mixture of styles. So, I figure that just makes us trendy. Have fun! It's so rewarding to make a house a home.