20 January 2010

Adventures in Showering

Remember how I hate the getting-ready process? Let me tell you, I'm proud of the fact that I can shower in less than ten minutes. I've worked on it for years, and it comes in handy when I decide that sleeping-in is more important than personal hygiene. And since Husby came with a shower clock, every morning is a little competition. With myself. (I know, it doesn't take much.)

Let me share my latest in showering--a shower that lasted 20 minutes! Gasp. (Don't worry, it's by G-rated.)

1. Wet hair. Put on shampoo. Wonder why it's not lathering. Realize it's conditioner. Rinse.
2. Put on shampoo. Put on conditioner. Without rinsing shampoo. Rinse.
3. Put on shampoo, thinking it's conditioner. Wonder why it's lathering. Rinse.
4. Put on shampoo again. Rinse.
5. Put on conditioner. Rinse.
6. Continue with other showering activities.

Seriously?! How many times does it take for me to look at the labels on the bottles? They clearly show which is which. And let me tell you, my hair did not thank me for the repeated mistakes. It was super-ultra frizzy. And on a day that is East Texas-humid, it's not a good thing.

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