25 March 2010


Oh. My. Word. Life is crazy right now! The last time I was this busy, I was the bride in my very own wedding. And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned one or six times that I'm a planner for a HUGE fundraiser at our school. Plus I'm a planner for three other events, two of which I'm THE planner. For perspective, and because I'm a little on the nerdy side, I'd like to create an equation. If you've been a bride OR if you've known a bride whose gone crazy planning a wedding, this should help:

1 Wedding for 350 + 2 Weddings for 70 + a reception = Okay, I really don't know what it equals, but that's the formula.

You know what else I didn't know today? The day of the week. I had to look it up. Twice. Everyday this week, I've worked, worked, worked, slept, and consumed enormous amounts of caffeine. At one point today, even though winter has returned for 24 hours, I decided to remove my cardigan. Since I had a long-sleeved shirt underneath, there was some resistance. I could not figure out why my cardigan wouldn't easily slip off, and then I had to look to see that I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Isn't that just a little sad?

For each of these events, I'm creating tons of print collateral. Adobe Illustrator and I have become semi-good friends. It's like when you see someone in one setting, and you're totally friends, but then they ignore you the next time they see you. That's how we feel about each other. The thing is, Adobe doesn't get to know anyone really well. Unless someone chooses to invest upwards of $1K in training. Adobe, you can't buy my friendship.

(Side note: this is how I converse in real life, especially when I have so much going on. One topic to the next, with brief interludes of pop-up windows that appear and need some attention. My poor husband. He's so tolerant.)

Anyway, I've dealt so much with fonts in the past six weeks that I can identify dozens of fonts. Talent? I think so. I also notice when things are not centered or formatted correctly. AND when certain fonts are overused. I have some that will be dead to me until the majority of the English-speaking world forgets about them. And even then, some will never be acceptable for me to use. I'm such a font snob.

Okay, folks. I'm off to create another invitation. Did I mention that I'll be in the office only one day next week? You know you're busy when you'd so much rather be at work.

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Christine said...

Get rid of Comic Sans forever. PLEASE.