19 March 2010

Friday Miscellany

Two. Two whole blogs in the month of March so far. This makes three. What in the world?! This month has been crazy. In preparation for our vacation last week, Husby and I spent hours upon hours at work the week before. And this week is just as busy. I think I worked 55 hours this week. I always think that the fall is our busiest time of year with college applications, but spring means academic conferences, convocations, college nights, AP exams, graduation, and much more.

I really can't believe this school year is nine weeks from ending! "My" seniors will finish in just over a month (their last day is three weeks before all other students). I've decided that I will be a basketcase when my kids leave for college. Yes, I do realize I have well over 18 years until this happens. (I'm not preggo.) But today I've worked on two projects that involve my seniors and their moms: a video for a luncheon and artwork that we'll submit to have printed on coffee mugs, and I got a bit misty-eyed. If I just enjoy these kids so much, I know that I'll love my own much more.

These kids make me laugh everyday. I love looking at the photos of them with their moms at different stages in life. The boys love the photos that are a little goofy: chili-bowl haircuts with crooked smiles. The girls choose photos, old or recent, that their mom's adore. Many of these kids worked to sneak pictures out of their houses to surprise their mom. How sweet!

On a different note, I rediscovered the library. It's so great! I love books. The first time I visited (after several years away), I smiled as I walked down all of the aisles of books. Though, I was somewhat thrown that card catalogs are obsolete, I must say it was nice that have a computer database to search for books. My current read is City of Thieves as recommended by one of our English teachers. I've only read a couple of chapters, but I already like it.

Reading is for sure on the agenda this weekend, along with working on print materials for Off the Vine Wine Gala and, hopefully, sleeping late tomorrow. This time change is killing me. I feel like we lose an hour every night. Come on, body, catch up!

(Feliz Cumpleanos, Patti Jean!)

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Di said...

I just love those kids who are Seniors now... and miss them terribly! Your right about them bringing a smile to your face, they always did mine.