13 March 2010

Friday Miscellany (on Saturday)

We're back! Husby and I have returned from a week-long road trip. I convinced him to take a week off during my spring break. Our ultimate destination was Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to visit my friend, Marieke, and her two children. Other destinations on our route, either to or fro (I totally meant to do use fro instead of for), included St. Louis, Chicago and Memphis. It was so much fun! I'll post pictures later. (Also read: when I find my camera in the five bags we took and convince myself to plug it into the computer, I'll create a blog post about our trip.)

Our Saturday has been wonderful! We returned to warm weather and blooming flowers and trees. Which also means endless coughing, but I WILL NOT complain. I love the warming trend in the weather. This morning, we took a bike ride, lunched at Chic-fil-a and visited the public library for a book sale. It's been a perfect spring day. I feel like we're just a few weeks away to skirt and summer shoe weather. Some people look forward to sweater weather and some look forward to wearing dresses every single day without tights. Woo hoo!

Tonight, we're headed to a graduation party for my friend, Betsy. I'm so excited for her and a bit jealous that she now has a Master's degree. I don't know that I'm jealous enough to do anything about it, though.

Oh, and one more thing...I'M SO EXCITED THAT IT'S TIME CHANGE THIS WEEKEND. I love the extra hour or so of daylight. Maybe we'll get a few more bike rides in now that it'll be light longer!


betsy said...

Awww...and I'm so glad that you guys came! It was fun to get everyone together. :)

Pleasant Drive said...

Wow! What an adventure! That is quite the road trip. I'm sure that many memories were made and many laughs were had. I love car trips with Brian. It's a captive audience like no other! Hope your week back at work is tolerable.