02 April 2010

Friday Miscellany: Easter Playlist

Wow. I'm loving today and reflecting on the meaning of the day. Our Jesus knew that he would sacrifice himself for our sins. He knew that his life would end. Today, it's overcast outside and will storm later in the day. How fitting, since the weather was similar about 2000 years ago.

I most feel the glory of God in two ways of worship: spending time outside in His creation and through music. Both can be very emotional for me. It's the artist in me, I'm sure.

I don't listen to Christian music exclusively. But I've noticed that when I do listen to it, it's about the words. This is unlike other music; I rarely listen to the words. Sure, I can sing to the song, but the words don't matter. For instance, until I was in college, I thought the song, "Fancy," by Reba McEntire was about a girl going to prom. Her mom was helping her get dressed in a pretty red dress. Right? I was shocked when I actually listened to the words I sang. Ha!

I have a playlist on my iPod titled "The Best Christian Playlist Ever." Of course, it's very subjective. But today I've noticed how fitting many of them are for Easter and our risen Lord.

Happy Good Friday! I hope that this weekend is a special reflection for you.

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

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