12 April 2010


Off the Vine Wine Gala and Auction, also known as the event that's consumed my life for the past two months, is done. We had a fabulous Grand Tasting, Silent Auction, dinner prepared by Chef Dean Fearing, Live Auction and Venetian Hour. There were a few little things that could have been better, but overall, it was a huge success. Hallelu.

I am thankful that life will be back to normal: leaving work by 4:30 rather than 8:00, blogging, working out, cooking for Husby, talking to friends, cleaning house, getting caught up on laundry. Husby is thankful that with less stress in my life, the breakdowns over insignificant problems will be kept at bay. I've had a few temper tantrums over the past week. Really, how difficult is it to return a duvet insert to the dryer to finish drying? Evidently, very difficult, as I stormed out of the guest room last week proclaiming, "I can't handle this." Seriously? My husband is so wonderful and patient. And very glad that this isn't normal for me. Honestly, I am, too.

Last week, I turned 30. In the busyness of life, it didn't bother me at all. (I'm not sure that it would have, anyway.) I was elbows deep in event planning on my birthday, so I mostly forgot that it was a special day. And then, last night, I got a little sad. I wasn't sad that I turned 30; I was sad that I didn't have a birthday celebration. (Okay, well, Husby and I went to Julian's--an awesome Asian restaurant--for dinner and drinks. But it lasted an hour, and then I had to go back to work for two hours.) I let my day slip by without a cake. And I let the week slip by without the birthday banner hanging proudly between the living room and kitchen. Luckily, we've been tossing around the idea of a party later in April. It for sure has to happen now!

And one funny story before signing off. Today, I wore a maxi dress to work. At my desk, I was moving around in my chair. Later, when I tried to stand up, I discovered that the dress was tangled around the wheel. No amount of maneuvering could release the hold on my dress. A moment later, a student came into the office. We exchanged pleasantries, and then, I had to let go of all pride and ask him to untangle my dress from the wheel of my chair! Luckily, it didn't rip. And luckily, this was the student who didn't know how to spell his middle name. Now, we're even.


Christine said...

AWWW! you for sure need a 30th bday celebration! so glad your event is over and was a success. and that dress story is hilarious - i can totally see how it would happen!

-M said...

This made me lol! I miss you so please call me so we can have a catch up phone date. :-)

Claire said...

You TOTALLY need a b'day celebration! Husby owes double time since work interferred :)

It's okay that a student didn't know how to spell their middle name, it was probably something horrible like 'Cecil'. I've heard that people with AWFUL names just try to block it from their memory :)