16 April 2010

Friday Miscellany: Planner Edition

One of the perks for upgrading to an iPhone is the capability of using the calendar. It should be great, right? You can enter things immediately and look up appointments in an instant; you can enter things into Outlook, and they magically appear on your iPhone calendar. You'd think I'd like it. Except I don't.

Since high school, I've loved the process of finding my planner for the year. You know, the paper version? I go back and forth between wanting a weekly layout or monthly layout. I've liked both. I prefer a lined calendar, but sometimes the lines in a calendar are just too dark and seem to overwhelm the page. Some years, I buy a planner to find that I don't like the format, so I buy a new planner. But this year, I didn't buy one. The iPhone addition in January was supposed to take the place of the bulky, hard-to-keep-up-with planner. I mean, the phone fits perfectly in my purse, and I don't have to carry around an extra spiral notebook with me. But I miss having a planner.

So, today. I ordered a planner from Amazon. Since we're a third of the way into this year, pickings were slim. I found one like my boss uses, a Moleskin weekly journal; each week is on the left with a blank, lined page on the right--perfect for grocery lists, to do lists, and phone numbers. Since she and are so similar in the way we plan, compose lists, order food, and a multitude of other things, I decided her satisfaction would be good enough. I hope to receive it next week. Yea!
I think I'm most excited because a planner acts like a journal for me. I'm so not disciplined enough to journal everyday. Since I keep all of my planners (and have for years), I can look back to see how I spent my time, transfer birthdays from one year to the next, and smile when I've circled important days, like April 10, 2009, when Husby proposed. (I can't believe it was over one year ago!)

Even though we're so far into this year, I'll probably go back and pencil in things I've done. Just to have a record. I know, pointless, but I'll enjoy looking at it in five years.


allison said...

I'm with ya--always prefer paper to electronic when it comes to calendars/planners!

Christine said...

I'm with both of you! Have never been able to give up my paper planner for electronic. There's just something satisfying about writing stuff on the page and crossing it out :)