14 February 2010

Weekend Update

I love that I took lots of pictures this weekend. You could imagine my delight when I attempted to upload these pictures to my computer only to find that the battery was dead. For some reason, I cannot remember to charge the battery. Until I desperately need my camera and only have ten minutes to charge it. Or when I finally decide I have the two minutes it takes to put the pictures on my computer and discover that it's dead.

(To clarify: this memory card doesn't fit in my computer. Sure, it came with an adapter, but I couldn't figure out why this extra piece came with the camera software. I'm 89% sure that I threw it in the trash. Smart move.)

Instead of posting the pictures, I'll tell you about them. Because that's fun for everyone. It's like the blog version of looking at my baby pictures. Right?! Only, I was a cute baby, so I'm sure it'd be fun!

As I'm sure the whole country knows (yeah, I'm pretty sure we have readers from at least 2 states, not including Texas), Texas got some snow. And not just a little dusting; we got five inches. It was beautiful. Our school workday was cancelled on Friday. Hallelu! I slept light enough to know when the magical text came through, which also acted as my alarm. I was up, looking through the blinds at 6:30am. It was a magical wonderland. Husby and I dressed in warm clothes to walk through the snow. And to take lots of great pictures. Which are on my camera. With a dead battery. And no other way of retrieving them.

Saturday was a day of errand running. It was like I hadn't run some errands in months. Which could be quite true. I prefer buying multiples of things we use to avoid visiting a store too often. A highlight of the day was the coupon I received at Target for $5 off a pair of shoes. I'm thinking these might become a part of my spring wardrobe. Saturday night was excellent. It was Husby's turn for cooking our fancy Valentine's meal. He made some killer lamb with a leek couscous and chocolate pots with strawberries for dessert. Um...yum! I was so impressed.

I decided to make Valentine's Day special. For breakfast, I made heart-shaped red velvet pancakes. They were so much better than I expected! Since we don't have a picture, imagine a red, heart-shaped pancake. Got it? Good.

For lunch, I made personalized chicken pot pies for lunch. (I just remembered this picture from my iPhone--although it's not a great picture.) They were so good. And had a special touch.

Our main activity this weekend has been watching the Olympics. Is it odd that I'd rather watch moguls, speed skating and luge than figure skating? I'm so un-girly in this aspect, I guess. That's okay, I make cute, heart-shaped foods.

Later this week, I'll post recipes for chicken pot pie and red velvet pancakes. You'll for sure want to try both meals!


Christine said...

oh my gosh those pot-pies are adorable! and i love the shoes, good choice.

Pleasant Drive said...

I love posting pictures, but I hate the process of actually getting them into the post. So, I can sympathize with your grief over the picture fiasco. It's always a fiasco for me. And, I'm with you on figure skating. I hate it. I've always hated it. In fact, I didn't even know the Olympics were on until I read your post today. I'm so unpatriotic.