28 February 2010

Weekend Update: Bullet Style

In an attempt to shake things up, I'll be listing things with bullets, rather than numbers. It's called living on the edge, people. And that's what I do. Just read the first bullet.
  • Yesterday, I went on a bike ride for the first time in over ten years. Oh.my.gosh. Riding a bike is harder than I remember. Why did I ever think it was fun? When I was younger, I just loved riding to the nearby gas station to get a drink and snack, and then riding back. But now, I just don't think it's worth pedaling the three blocks it would take me to get a Fudge Round and Diet Coke. I mean, today, I'm a little saddle sore from the bike seat. And I don't think the three blocks would burn off the calories from the Fudge Round. On a positive note, I like it much better than running, which I've never thought was fun. I never ran to the gas station for a snack. Fudge Rounds just aren't that good.

  • Because I loathe running, I plan to continue bike riding. My friend, Jenny, loaned me her super-sweet road bike. It has REALLY thin tires, which made me a little nervous, especially while riding them on brick streets. After a chat with my super-cyclist brother, Paul, I discovered that riding a road bike on brick streets is not recommended. Now, I'm on a search to find a nearby route that would eliminate brick streets. And the potential for wiping out in front of all of the people that will soon swarm the Azalea Trail.

  • This weekend was Canton Weekend, or as people not from a 40-mile radius call it, First Monday Weekend. Oh, it was beautiful out. I didn't buy much at all. I'm sure Husby will be relieved, since he asked what I'd be looking to buy. With Canton, you don't know what you need until you get there. Truth be known, he'd probably let me spend any amount of money I'd like at Canton as long as he doesn't ever have to go.

  • Other than my bike ride and quick trip to Canton, I've had a working weekend. In April, our school will host a huge fundraiser, Off the Vine Wine Gala. My sweet and wonderful boss (so serious about that) volunteered me to do lots of fun things that involve using a design program known to be extremely non-user-friendly (so serious about that, too). That means every free moment of time after work will be spent designing things like posters and menu cards. I sure do wish they'd let me use some Crayola markers; I can do some serious posters with markers.

  • Okay, I have to give a plug for NPR. I just love their program Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! If you have a long drive, or if you need something to listen to while ironing your husbands shirts, it's such a fun program. I laugh out loud at most everything. In fact, I'm planning to download as many programs as my iPod will hold for our next road trip. You can download for free from iTunes.

Y'all have a super great week. Be a blessing!

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Di said...

Ohh I love Wine Gala, even if it is a very long night, and takes so much prep!!!!! As for road bikes, I love mine and would be more than welcome to share some of my fav. rides up there... however they would consist of putting the bike in the car to get to most of them :) shoot me an e-mail if you want them. shore.diane@gmail.com