07 February 2010

My Favorite Wedding Portraits

Now that we have 3.5 months of marriage under our belts, it's time to share wedding pictures. Our super-wonderful-amazing photographer was Allen Arrick. He's so great; we received the picture DVD in the mail a few weeks ago. But since they were posted online, I hadn't opened the DVD. Then, I forgot to order pictures from online. Typical me.

Anyway, I love our pictures. I love looking at them and re-looking at them. Yesterday, I thought I'd somehow deleted portion of pictures from the DVD. Until BFF Devon told me I'd be the first person in the history of her life to delete something off of a DVD. Which really wouldn't be all that surprising. I have an astounding effect on technology.

Our wedding day was a perfect day. Because of my superb planning skills, my stress level was a negative one. I loved our wedding day and have great memories of it. We chose Tyler Presbyterian Church for the ceremony because of it's simple beauty. (And, more honestly, because we knew it'd look great in pictures.) These are some of my most favorite pictures. They can be some of your most favorite pictures, too. I'd totally understand that.

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Christine said...

They are so beautiful! One question, will Husby always be one of your current favorites? :)