01 May 2013

tuesday things (on a wednesday)

1. I learned last week that I know nothing about HTML coding. Not even the 0.2% I thought I knew. I totally messed up my blog with an attempt to make things better. Thankfully, my wonderful designer at Designer Blogs came to my rescue. Comments are up and running again, as are the social media links on the sidebar.

2. I worked from home yesterday. I learned that I don't like working from home. It's super lonely, even for this introvert. It's a good thing I had dinner with a friend from church, otherwise my poor husband would've had to endure me getting in my 10,000 words once he arrived home.

3. I also learned that I hate our keyboard. It's so noisy and the keys are hard to push. So, I just ordered the one I have at my desk at work. With two day delivery. Oh, first world problems.

4. I'm in a big purging mode at my house. But I'm so busy that I don't have time to really dig into closets and cabinets to make piles of things to purge. And then, I'm torn between donating items and having a garage sale. I think I could make some good cash, but it's just so much work. Every time I have a garage sale, I promise that I'll never do another. But then I think it's a decent idea. Only in Texas it's never a decent idea to have a garage sale in the summer months. And if we don't get rid of some furniture in our garage, I'm afraid I'll be banished to parking in the driveway so that J can finally park in the garage. Oh, first world problems.

5. A few months ago--which very could be a year ago--I mentioned that I needed to stop using "gonna" for "going to" in my daily vernacular. Umm...it seems a little east Texan. And then a friend's mom, who's a retired English teacher (from Wisconsin, so far from east Texas slang), commented that she loves seeing the English language evolve. Since then, I've been a bit fascinated slash intrigued by the idea of a language evolving. This article is one way that we're seeing a language change: Slash: Not Just a Punctuation Mark Anymore.

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