01 May 2013

the story of my life in 250 words

As I've confessed, I use imitation as a form of flattery all too well. I found a great idea to use these prompts to blog every day in May. In an attempt to start blogging regularly again, I think this might be a good writing exercise. I don't know that I'll blog daily, but I'll try. And I'm not willing to give up the series' that I've started (tuesday things & reads for your weekend), so I might post twice in a day. But there are some great  prompts that I'm excited to write. Here's my life story in 250 words...

I was born April 8 in Huntsville, Texas. I was the first girl in 50 years on my dad's side. I've only ever lived in Texas, and I love Texas summers. I'm still a great boss to my two younger brothers. If I were doing what I intended as my first college major, I would teach music. After spending one (of three) summers doing mission work in Romania, I changed my mind. I switched schools and majors. After a stint in the foster care field, I convinced a school to hire me to eventually become a college advisor. It's the job I never knew I wanted. I love it. I met my husband at a church. He came to my church to see if there were any girls on the market. He found one. We married after almost 2 years of dating and engagement. Since I was committed to my last name for 29 years, I moved it to be my middle name. Now, I love the idea of last names for middle names. (I'm lookin' at you, future kids.) We rented a house in a historic district of Tyler before we bought a house in rural Tyler. I miss the brick streets and houses with old, wood floors. I think we'll move back at some point. We adore our cat and dog and hope to add kids to our family soon. I'm creative, frugal and good storyteller. I love books, coffee, decorating our home, cooking, laughing, travel and television.

Done. 250 words.

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