18 May 2013

a saturday post

This is the day I set as my goal upon my return from Easter break. I knew that the weeks in between would be packed full of lists and decisions, accomplishment and success, and a few bumps along the way. But mostly I knew that at 6:30pm on Saturday, May 18, life would become a bit more normal.

Last night I hosted a group of friends from my life group for a craft night. It was fun. It's literally been years since I've been that crafty for that long. As per usual, I only finished one project (out of four). It happened to be the project I brought everyone to make: gardener's sugar hand scrub. It was for sure the most simple project that involved stirring two ingredients. But the result is a perfect blush pink. And it smells great.

From there, as the other girls continued with projects, it was downhill for me. I started two others, but as usual became completely overwhelmed in the decision-making process. When I finally decided just to start one, I wound up painting the canvas with a thick layer of paint that halted all other progress since it took approximately forever to dry. Then I decided to start a notepad project that involved Mod Podge-ing scrapbook paper to the cover of a notepad. Simple enough, huh? Except that it took me at least 20 minutes to decided which papers to use. I made the first cut. It was off. My OCD couldn't handle it. I made a second cut. It worked. I glued it in place and let it dry a bit before continuing. Then I decided I wasn't happy with that paper. Back to the drawing board. Only at that point I was tired and a bit defeated since it was obvious I wouldn't be finishing any other projects. Thankfully, my friend left an outline of Texas for me to continue my canvas painting.

Even after a cup of coffee at 9pm, I was exhausted. As we tucked into bed, we remembered to shut the doors between our bedroom and bathroom. It's not a habit, but in order to sleep in on Saturdays, it's necessary. The light from the east floods our bathroom and spills into our bedroom, making it impossible to sleep past 7am on Saturday.

This morning was slow and quiet. J made coffee; I made blueberry muffins. Our Saturday morning routine is breakfast in the living room while watching television. If you'll remember, we don't have cable. I recently discovered that the PBS channel is free. (Umm, that opens up a whole new world of options.) We love, love The Daytripper. And are able to watch it through the PBS channel. So we watched a couple of episodes, and then caught up with New Girl. (Which, ohmygosh! Hilarious and super-satisfying season finale!)

While J got ready for an afternoon of Star Trek, I pulled a few weeds from the flower beds. Once I had enough of that and watered my hydrangeas, I headed back inside. After some quick meal-planning, I handed the grocery list to J as he left for the afternoon. Now to decide what to wear to graduation, if I should fix my hair curly or straight, and if I want the discomfort, but height, of heels with the faculty graduation gown.

(If you'll remember, the decision-making is where I stalled last night.)

And then at 6:30, I should be headed home. J is in charge of dinner. He has plans of grilled chicken and veggies. It sounds perfect.

Tomorrow I intend to hit those flower beds again. Make burgers for lunch. Read. And find out what in the world is making such a stink in my refrigerator. Because life will have returned to normal.

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Adriane said...

I am the same way about not finishing projects, but mine is usually because I shut down the first time I make a mistake. Was proud that I finished the painting last night even though I hate mine and was too pressured to perform at my best last night. :) Yay for girlfriends and girl nights. Wish we lived closer.