03 May 2013

things that make me uncomfortable

Three posts in three days. It's so unlike me.
It's tempting to find canned prompts every month. 
It's also likely that canned prompts beyond one month would be super tedious.

Day 3: Things That Make You Uncomfortable
Here goes:

I'm really not good at this. It's the introvert in me.
When I first started dating J, a friend would help me come up with a list of topics
to discuss if conversation waned on our dates. 

When the day comes that churches no longer do the "welcome," I will be so very excited.
It is an introverts nightmare to have to talk to random people during church for three to four minutes.
It seems to be a lasting tradition that is so super ineffective.


These topics go hand-in-hand in east Texas.
And it's more likely that the conversation leans to the far right.
I like to hang out in the middle. So I tend to shut down when these discussion begin.
Mostly because they become heated debates.
I've never known a person to alter beliefs after a debate as such. If anything, beliefs are cemented.
Let's just back off and have a conversation over a good meal.
And let the other person talk. If they don't agree with you or you with them, be OK with that.
But if after going back-and-forth a couple of times, things start downhill, just stop.
And move to dessert or refill your wine glass.
Then talk about something you both like.

Oh, geez. I sort of curl up on a ball on the inside when someone continually has an answer.
No one should have an answer--or an opinion--for everything.
In my experience, a know-it-all doesn't want the correct knowledge.
They just want to believe that whatever they've said is absolute.
I've come to the place where I'm OK saying that I don't know the answer.
I want to be willing to learn from others. But it's unlikely I will want to learn from a know-it-all.


Liz said...

Oh my goodness, YES! To every one of the things you said here!!

Another thing that makes me want to run & scream...salesmen. People who try to convince you to agree with them or that you ought to try this or that. Oh my gosh, NO. I will dig in my heels more if you try to force me to agree with you. Even if I see your side & think maybe you're right...pushy people make me NUTS.

Kristina said...

Oh! I'm terrible with salespeople! I have a really hard time saying no. I don't want them to feel bad.