29 April 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I was a tad late jumping on the Royal wedding bandwagon. But I finally made it. I asked to Husby earlier this week to DVR the festivities on NBC. (I do love the Today show and NBC correspondents.) He set it to record from 3am-9am. I figured that I'd see everything I wanted to see and some that I didn't care about seeing, but since it would be DVRed, I could fast forward through all the not so fabulous parts.

My plan was to get up at 5am and make coffee and muffins. You know, the American version to tea and crumpets. Mainly because I have no idea where to buy crumpets. And I'd need the extra caffeine afforded by coffee. I was excited to see Kate's dress, mostly.

But then my body decided to turn against me. I have some sort of cold-sinus infection what-have-you, and my only option to rid my body of aches was a healthy dose of NyQuil. As soon as I conceded to this being necessary, I knew that I'd miss the Royal wedding as the rest of the world watched. The good news is that the NyQuil has a lasting effect, so I have absolutely no emotion for having missed it. And since it's DVRed, I'll have plenty of time to catch-up this weekend.

I was able to watch TLC yesterday afternoon and decided that I would LOVE to rock the hats like Kate Middleton does. Seriously, I love hats. And I love her hats and fascinators. I think she's just gorgeous!

This weekend, I cannot wait to see details of the wedding. I know it will be fabulous. Even as I watched TLC yesterday, I loved seeing the interaction between Kate and William!

And as a side note: I was most disappointed when I discovered Prince William is just a bit younger than me. Oh how I hoped that he would find a girl worth marrying in east Texas. But I just knew that I couldn't marry younger. I'm so glad he found someone.

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