27 April 2011

The Details

Last week, Husby and I bought a house. The process of finding the house we like was easy. One day we decided to look; less than a week later we made an offer on the first house we saw. It was love at first sight. Our offer was accepted and the mortgage approval began. The house-buying was rather frustrating and difficult. I think I cried every day over something. At one point, I wanted to lose the earnest money. Or poke my eyeballs out. Either seemed better than all we had to go through for a mortgage. I think we did everything but a blood sample to get our mortgage approved.

(A few years ago my brother called me dramatic. I didn't understand why.)
(Now, I think I do.)
Originally, I thought we'd get a house where we would make a few adjustments. But then we found this home. That's when we determined that we're not really the people who make adjustments to homes. It really is move-in ready. 
(Don't be completely fooled, I have a 5-year to do list.)
(It involves new kitchen cabinets, new floors and moving the living room wall out about 5 feet.)
(But for now, it's absolutely fine.) 
Here are a few pictures of our new abode:

Our backyard looks out over a green belt owned by our school district. The fence has a gate that opens so that a child can walk to school. Because we're nerdy and have favorite trees, I'd like to share that this house has almost all of our favorite trees. These include: Dogwood, Bradford pear, Redbud and Japanese maple. I'd like to add a Magnolia tree in the front yard at some point.

The only downside is that this area has a problem with copperhead snakes. On a scale of 1 to 10, my hatred of snakes is 287. In fact, last week on the news we heard a story about 70 snakes that were saved from the hands of a snake smuggler. I sarcastically commented that I was SO GLAD THE SNAKES DIDN'T DIE. I realize that they are God's creatures, but I don't cry when there's one (or 70) less snakes in the world.

(The word you're looking for is ANYWAY...)

We've been advised to sprinkle moth balls around our yard and house. Snakes don't like the smell of them. Neither do I, really, but I like moth balls more than snakes. So if you live within a 30 mile radius and are in the need of moth balls, you'll need to order them online.

Here are before pictures of the inside (taken for the real estate add by the former owners, so it's all of their stuff). All of the common areas were a buttery yellow. Not bad, but not me. Then there was a nursery painted light blue with white enamel clouds sponge-painted on. Again, not me. Not even for a babe. (Nothing's in the oven. No need to ask.) One of my favorite things in a house are white, plantation shutters. I'm not a big fan of curtains since my style changes every 2.7 years. This house has them on every window. Love it!

Before moving in, we decided that the colors must change. I'm a big believer in Sherwin Williams paint, so that's what we bought. It can be more expensive, but it covers so much better.
I realize that it's a bold move to go with a color like Refuge in the living room, but all of our furniture is neutral--a chocolate brown couch, khaki chairs. I'm really excited to see it with our furniture moved in. My inspiration was the entry way on Modern Family. I fell in love with the color the moment I saw it. This isn't a great picture, but you can see a small patch each time they narrate from the couch.
Painters were at our house last Friday and Saturday; their names are: Kristina, Dad, Brother and Husby. Today my mother-in-law and her sister are painting the kitchen. Without me there. Bless them. I offered for them to wait until I got off work, but they assured me that they didn't mind working without me. We are so thankful to all who have helped us. The good news for them is that we believe in hiring movers!
We cannot wait to be in our new house. Instead of packing logically, I've been tempted to dump everything into boxes and sort it out at our new home. However, my OCD has prevented me from doing this.
In other news, this is the next busiest time at work. Graduation is May 14, and I'm helping to host a rather large going-away party for our chaplain the next day. After that, things will be so much better. I'm looking forward to slowing down just a bit--at least in one area of my life.


sarah:) said...

I enjoyed reading this :) im so glad yall got the house yall wanted!! we werent going to let yall lose your earnest money or pull eye balls out :) cant wait to see it finished!!!!! love you :)

Pleasant Living said...

How very exciting! You guys will just love making it your own. Congratulations!

allison said...

I love the deck...the shutters...your paint choices...maybe everything except the cloud room!! ;) Congrats!

Christine said...

Oh my this is so fun!! Can't wait to see how it develops. Love the blue entry way in Modern Family too. And your back porch is to die for!