09 November 2009

So...I changed my mind

This weekend my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came over to help unpack, wash and put away wedding gifts. Until Saturday, all of our gifts were stacked in the dining room. I was completely overwhelmed with the thought of getting things ready to use, even though I was so glad to have new things.

We began unloading boxes of kitchen utensils, excitement building as shiny measuring spoons and icing spreaders came out of boxes and bags. Then we began unpacking the dishes--the dishes I thought I loved.

Almost immediately, I decided that I couldn't keep the coffee mugs because they were just too big. (I'd actually thought about this when I unwrapped a set of these mugs a couple of months ago, but stuck them back into the box to worry with later.) Then the plates came out. My mother-in-law thought the first plate was a serving platter. She set it to the side and kept unwrapping. The next unwrapped plate caught my attention. Y'all, these plates were massive. They didn't even fit in my cupboard! And the salad plates? Well, we could have used those for dinner plates.

I decided that I couldn't keep any of the dishes. Today, they're on the way back to Pottery Barn where they'll be restocked for the next bride who thinks these dishes are the perfect-cream-colored-plates-that-will-look-great-with-colored-salad-plates-and-fun-placemats. You know the mix and match plan! And I will receive a killer gift card to find my perfect dishes.

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Christine said...

Girl, they have to be plates you're happy with, right? I hope you post a pic of whatever you decide upon :)