11 November 2009

A Few Good Laughs

I'm a very visual learner and love charts and graphs. Husby has a list of websites that he enjoys. I've recently discovered the greatness of graphjam.com. They have some funny stuff, y'all. Here are a few that made me laugh, mainly because they're all so true!

(We'll get to the San Francisco pictures this weekend. I'm trying really hard to get our house in order after merging households and receiving wedding gifts. And blogger isn't exactly picture friendly.)

(It has to be done in 10 days so that I can decorate for Christmas.)

(I know that's early, but I enjoy Christmas stuff a lot. A whole lot.)

(Oh, and if you have tips on uploading pictures to blogger, pass them this way. Usually it ends with me mad at the computer. Or blogger. Or some random inanimate object.)

Enjoy the hilarity...

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes


Pleasant Drive said...

can we be friends? your hummor cracks me straight up.

Christine said...

Oh my gosh, those are hysterical!!!!

Di said...

I LOVE it. So stinking hillarious!

allison said...

I feel your pain when it comes to posting pictures. I don't think I've posted an entry yet that didn't require several attempts to make the spacing look normal. So frustrating! Love the graphs. :)

Sam said...

I upload all my pictures to photobucket and then just put them in my post with html. The code is

[img src="http://www.whatever.com/picture.jpg"]

...except use carrots instead of brackets. You can do the same thing with pictures you find on the internet. Right click on the picture, then click "view image," then use that url. Or you can right click on the image, click "properties," and it will give you the url for the picture.