17 November 2009

Our First Month-iversary

Today marks a month of marriage. And a great month it's been! I've gone back and forth between eating out and staying in. Well, with a low of 39 degrees tonight, we're staying in...and cuddling!

I've planned a menu of pecan-encrusted filet mignon, twice-baked potatoes and fresh green beans. Followed by an apple compote on vanilla ice cream. (Have I mentioned I like ice cream more in cold weather? Weird. I know.)

So, I'm off to get dinner on the table. Here's a picture from our honeymoon to San Francisco. We're on the cruise to Alcatraz for the night tour; the beautiful golden sunset is behind us.

Here's to many more months--and years--of a wonderful marriage.

**As a side note, Husby is not wearing leather pants. It's a bag. I promise, he won't ever wear leather pants. :)


allison said...

Wow--a month already!

I love the picture...especially now that I've looked at it closely and realized that Jeremy is NOT wearing leather pants...which is what I thought when I first glanced at it. Hehe. :)

Christine said...

Cute! Honestly cant' believe it's been a month already. Enjoy your evening...UM...cuddling ;-)

devon said...

lol...thanks for the clarificaion. I was about to call you and say NO NO NO to the leather pants!

Congrats on one month...it only gets better!

Judi said...

Congratulations on your month-iversiary and celebrating your first Thanksgiving together. Hope you spend it the in a way your heart desires!! Judi