03 October 2011

a sick day (with the gilmore girls)

Today I stayed home sick. I'm pretty sure it's just allergies based on the fact that I can't breathe through my nose and water is pouring out of my right eye, but just allergies has got me down. With symptoms that worsened over the weekend, sleeping at least 10 hours a day, and my husband telling me last night that I sound horrible, I decided a little couch time might do me good. Plus, I had a round o' antibiotics about for my first illness about a month ago. When I reported that illness to my school nurse, she said that by getting ill that early in the year means it will happen again. And possibly again. Yea, germy kids!

When I stay home sick, I have absolutes. I set up camp on the couch, surrounded by necessities: laptop, phone, remote control, a drink, tissues, Crickett, and most importantly:

Although I didn't follow Gilmore Girls religiously, I did see the occasional episode or a re-run and loved it. When Husby and I dated, he brought an entire series to me when I was sick, along with orange Gatorade and saltine crackers, which are absolutes when I have a stomach virus. I must equate being sick with watching Gilmore Girls, although I do watch GG at other times. Here are a few reasons that I love GG:

1. Stars Hollow is the quintessential small town (much like Mitford in the Mitford Series). I wish it were real; we'd move there. Each season seems perfect. But the thing I love most is the interaction of the people. They talk to each other, have community-wide events, and the expected gossip that comes from living in a small town.

2. The quick, witty banter can't be matched on any other show. (Veronica Mars could come close, though.) I also love the humor; it's so cute. Can humor be cute? I think it can be. Again, jokes are quick and often point to pop culture and [then] current events.

3. Every time I watch it, I feel okay with my coffee addiction. In fact, I often make a pot of coffee at some point during a Gilmore Girls marathon.

4. I love that Lorelai is independent and energetic.

5. Reading is portrayed as an intellectual activity that should be part of every day. Rory is an avid reader, and I like that. I'm a reader, and I feel like reading has been dumbed down in recent years. I cringe when I hear, "I'm just not a reader." I think that it's fine to have a fun book to read for pleasure, but I hate it when Twilight is considered literature. Just for fun, here's Rory's reading list from the show.

6. The theme song lyrics are good for the soul:

If you're out on the road
Feeling lonely, and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I'll be there on the next train

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead 

7.  Since I'm a college advisor at a private school, Rory isn't far from some of my students. I live in a world of PSATs, college exploration, debate results and the like. In most episodes, the portrayal of these topics is quite accurate. Good job, writers.

8. The writing is fantastic. More than getting components of Rory's education correct, the writers really pull the audience into the story. We know the characters. We know: that Emily, Lorelai's mom, is condescending and opinionated; that Kirk is difficult and quirky; Sookie is a little ditsy; Luke is gruff. And there are so many more characters that we know well.

9. Lorelai and Rory's relationship is unconventional, but it works for them. I'm a big believer of not being friends with your child, but Lorelai is able to successfully play the "mom card" whenever needed.

10. They love food. From take out to Sookie's amazing creations to Luke's Diner, there are tons of references to food. They appreciate a great pizza or ice cream with extra toppings.

I think my day of no activity will serve it's purpose. Although I'm still a little sniffly and stuffy, I hope to return to work tomorrow.

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