17 October 2011

730 days

730 days ago, I made a covenant to do life with this man.
These days have been wonderful.

I wanted to type a 10 point list about the things I've learned in marriage.
But I've only been married 2 years. 
I know that I'll learn so much more in the coming years.
And it's likely that I don't even know 10 things about marriage.
(Though I'm certain I had a 10 point list about marriage before getting married!)

So for now, I'll share two things I know about our marriage.

Laughing together is necessary.
Not just a chuckle, but a good, long, hard laugh.
Like laughing till tears come is a great thing for us.

Smelling his cologne.
Sometimes life just gets in the way.
We kiss quickly in the mornings before I jet out the door, and then return home just as crazed.
When we sit still with each other, I like to be close enough to smell his cologne.
Then, I know that we can connect.

These are my things. Laughter and cologne.
Maybe next year, I'll come up with something more profound.
Or maybe something else just as simple that makes our marriage work.
Either way, I know that I'll love my husband more and more.


allison said...

Very sweet, honest post. I love it. Happy Anniversary. :)

Christine said...

It was such a beautiful wedding day!