17 June 2011

what i'm reading & watching

Since we moved, we don't have cable. This is a huge change for us. We're really TV junkies. Husby works for the cable company that services 99% of our area. Unfortunately, we moved to this little bitty area that isn't serviced. This stinks for two reasons:

1. The littlebittycablecompany is reportedly awful.
2. As an employee of BIG CABLE COMPANY, Husby got a major discount. Like almost free. Like we got every single channel for free. We only had to pay $15 a month for DVR.

Mourn with us, please. I have a plan for BIG CABLE COMPANY to take over littlebittycablecompany. I just need to pitch it to someone other than Husby. Evidently, he doesn't think it'll work. What does he know? He's only worked there 14 years.

(If you're counting, that's before I graduated high school. He's my sugar daddy. And he's super sweet!)

We haven't signed up for cable, since most of our shows won't start until the fall. Even then, we're not sold on paying for cable. We'll probably Netflix and watch shows on the websites. To satisfy our TV addiction, Husby suggested watching Veronica Mars. I agreed. Typically, we enjoy the same type of shows.

(Exceptions: Bethenny Ever After and Game of Thrones.)

Let me tell you, Veronica Mars has NOT disappointed. I love it so much that we usually watch more than one episode at a time. We're 16 episodes through the first season, and I can't wait to finish it. I didn't know how much I liked Kristen Bell. Sure, she's been in a couple of chick flicks (ugh...I hate that term as much as chick lit), but she's a really good actress in VM.

As if it weren't obvious, when one cannot watch TV, one has more time to read. I just finished:

I really liked this book. Krakauer (who wrote Into Thin Air) gives a raw look into the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints. (You might remember a fairly recent raid on their Texas compound.) I was hooked after the first sentence. The underlying story is about the Lafferty brothers who murder their sister-in-law and her baby--because they believed it was a revelation from God. Of course the FLDS polygamy belief is intriguing to me. I am WAY to jealous a girl to be okay with this, and I don't think it's what the Bible describes as marriage, even though some in the Old Testament practiced it. (But did it ever really work out? Usually it was a mess.) After reading this book, I can sympathize with the FLDS followers who are hurt that the Mormon church turned away from polygamy. Although I doubt Joseph Smith's revelation, it was an accepted practice in the church that was abandoned because of pressure from the United States government. They conceded and abandoned this belief because of a government. I think I'd be a little upset, too. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that their beliefs are sound--and I certainly respect government, but I can understand why they feel as they do. Under the Banner of Heaven also gives lots of information about the Mormon tenets of faith. I really recommend this book.

I have another book that I started last night. Since I'm already a quarter of the way through, I except to be able to share my thoughts soon. And it's rocking my thinking about food.

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