02 June 2011

a challenge

This week, I've read a handful of blog posts about spending quality time with the Lord. Or for me, more accurately, NOT spending quality time with the Lord. I grew up going to church quite often. Twice on Sundays and Wednesday nights. As a college student and adult, I stayed in church, for the most part. But I'm afraid that often--for me--church replaces relationship. This isn't good.

Most often, spending time with the Lord daily isn't a priority. I want it to be, but I just struggle with it remaining a priority. You know, things get in the way. Things like facebook, blogging, reading, watching TV, hanging out with friends. These all seem to get pushed to the top of the list. If you looked at a log of how I spend my day, you'd think that I cared more about these things than cultivating a relationship with Christ.

This is a quote from Nancy Leigh DeMoss (found through Jess' page) that just resonates with me:

(Speaking of Nancy Leigh DeMoss, if you haven't read Brokenness, you should. It's amazing. I probably need to re-read it.)

I want it to be priority. So for the next 30 days, I'm joining a challenge to spend quality time with the Lord. Since I have summer hours at work (I don't go in until 9), I plan to do this in the mornings.

If you're up for it, you should join the challenge.

One last quote that is really powerful for me (and feels like a sock to the gut each time I read it), from John Piper:

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Christine said...

Dang. That last quote got me too.