07 May 2011

Senses in the Spring

My favorite sound of spring: baseball.
I love baseball, especially the sound of the ball hitting a bat.
I also love the sound of a crowd at a baseball game--either little league or professional.

My favorite taste of spring: in-season asparagus.
I love pencil-thin asparagus, roasted with a little lemon, salt and pepper.

My favorite smell of spring: wisteria.
Our neighborhood is full of spring flowers, including wisteria.
To me, walking beneath wisteria smells like grapes.
Perhaps it's psychological, but even Husby agreed after smelling it before seeing it.

My favorite feel of spring: warm sun on my skin.
I love being outside in the spring; the sun is perfect.

My favorite sight: flowering trees.
I love Redbud trees, Dogwood trees and Bradford pear trees.
All of which are in our new backyard.

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