22 August 2009

The Results

For lack of not having the time to come up with a clever blog post, I decided to post a link to our engagement pictures. Enjoy! (Well, only if you want. Don't feel obligated to spend your time looking a pictures of me & Jeremy.)

P.S. Our wonderful photographer agreed to do a reshoot so that we'd have a few more pictures to choose from where my hair isn't wet. Woo hoo!


allison said...

Love them!! You are so cute in that dress, and I love that he got shots of yall playing Life! :)

Less than two months, my friend. Hope you aren't feeling too overwhelmed, but if you are, remember that the craziness leading up to the wedding WILL end and then you will have a beautiful new marriage to grow! Soooo excited for what is in store for you JUST around the corner!!! :)

Christine said...

I love them! The b/w one on the bridge is my fave! Very cute :) You look beautiful!!

Pleasant Drive said...

Great pictures! I love the sassy knee out pose in the one where Jeremy is up close and focused and you are far away! But, they are all great!

Stefani said...

Thanks for sharing Kristina. LOVE weddings and being in LOVE and photography.