06 August 2009

Ready for a New Season

Oh, I love when phrase is a play on words without any effort. And I doubly love it when it works as a blog title. It makes me sound clever. And I love that! Now, let's get to those new seasons.

I am so over summer. I want it to be fall. I want it to be fall now. I'm super tired of sweating. I'm tired of my make-up melting off. I'm tired of wearing my hair in a ponytail so that it won't touch the back of my neck, which makes me even hotter. Yesterday, we took engagement pictures. It was awful; it was 90 degrees and about 95% humidity. I'm afraid I'll look like a drowned rat that was professionally photographed. A drowned rat without make-up.

Last winter, I proclaimed that I would not complain about summer temperatures. I was tired of cold weather. But I'd gladly welcome colder weather to look and feel like a real girl again.

(Let's be real honest, come February, I'll post something about needing to feel heat radiating out of my car on a summer day. But I won't be sweating as I write it, so it won't be as heartfelt.)

(Let's be real honest again. I know that we don't really have fall in Texas. I'd gladly welcome cold-in-the-morning, warm-in-the-afternoon weather. I mean it.)

Enough complaining. Who likes a complainer, anyway? The other new season I've waited for since March is Psych. The season premier is tomorrow on USA.Psych just might be my favorite show of all time. Talk about a play on words: it's about these two pictured above, Shawn and Gus, who have a psychic detective agency. Only neither one of them is psychic, just really perceptive. And since I grew up when using the phrase, "Psych!" fourteen times an hours was perfectly acceptable, it makes me love it a little more.

A bit of Psych trivia: a pineapple appears on-screen in every episode. In honor of that tidbit (Oops. Another play on words. You know, pineapple tidbits.), Jeremy and I are having pineapple tomorrow night for dinner, while watching Psych. I'm thinking curry with pineapple or pineapple margaritas. Maybe both. And we'll be in the air conditioning, avoiding the relentless heat. It'll be a great night.

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Pleasant Drive said...

I've never seen Psych, but I, too, am a fan of the changing seasons. They are so metaphorical, and just offer a relief in some way, a renewal of creativity. Hold on for these next couple of months. I found the last 2 months to be incredibly tough.