02 April 2013

tuesday things

1. About a month ago, I decided to switch to L'Oreal Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner. Hello, hair transformation! It makes my hair so smooth. I've tried other sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but my hair was so dry and wiry. This one's a keeper. (Plus fewer chemicals in my s&c means that I'll have a little extra room for the chemicals that I drink in Diet Coke. Even trade. Right?)

2. To keep hair care as a theme, Melanie on The Big Mama Blog recommended two products a few months ago. Her book is great (finished it in two days), but her hair care recommendations turned out even better. Both of these are by Kenra; the first is blow-dry spray. What used to be 15 minutes spent drying my hair is just over five minutes. Totally worth it. (Be careful though, one spray too many will result in some greasy hair.) The other product is dry shampoo. It is so much better than using baby powder. How did I not know this?

3. Disclaimer for the above: I hate the getting-ready process. These products speed it up and/or make my hair look good. I realize it's quite contradictory to use a shampoo and conditioner with fewer chemicals, and then use two new products on my hair AND drink a bit of Diet Coke. For now, I'm totally okay with it.

4. As of now, we don't miss paying for cable. Or even having cable, for that matter. Early this week I had some withdrawal symptoms since it was two weeks without New Girl, The Mindy Project and Modern Family. (Apparently, they aren't usually released to Roku for at least one week.) But all is well. I've caught up. Maybe not on the most recent episode, but it's okay.

5. We've developed a deep affinity for Community. It is so much fun. We've also tried The Following; I can't do it. Way too intense in the first six minutes. So Jeremy will watch that one alone.

6.We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Although we've been known to skip church on Easter in the past (because we go year-round), we served during two services. This is definitely a Sunday that the church needs volunteers! We greeted and filled trays of pastries. It was a really nice morning. Then we headed to J's parents where we ate lunch and stayed the afternoon. Some of my family came over, which made it even better.

7. On Monday, I had a root canal. These get such a bad rap, but really aren't that bad. Plus it's the only time I'm prescribed a Valium. Valium + laughing gas = one not bad procedure. I'm a little sore, but it'll fade in the next few days.

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