17 November 2012

1500 miles

Over the past two weeks, I've travelled over 1500 miles. Today, I'm exhausted. When I arrived home last night after 9 hours on a bus, I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to watch even 20 minutes of television. That's huge. I almost immediately went to bed.

Most of the travel was for work. Last week, we took freshmen to visit two universities. This week, we chaperoned juniors on a trip to visit five universities. I've discovered that the enjoyment of students increases exponentially by year in school. Even though I'm tired, the trip with juniors was so enjoyable. Plus, I laughed so, so much with the other chaperones--two of whom are my bosses. I literally made myself sick with laughter.

Last weekend, Husby and I saw An Evening with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. It was lots of fun. We weren't sure what to expect. Although I feel like most people were there to see Anthony Bourdain, it was Eric Ripert that excited us. Just like when we met Chef Hubert Keller on our honeymoon, I feel like I would have been starstruck if we'd met him. Even looking while he walked on stage made my heart beat! I adore chefs.

This weekend begins my Thanksgiving break. I have plans to see several friends. This introvert is super excited to connect with these people in my life. Tomorrow, I'm heading to see my BFF of Granbury, Texas. I've been promised a visit of pajamas and coffee, games and laughing. I'm really, really excited for this time with her and her husband. Before I leave, I plan to make a stop by the store to buy ingredients for apple pie, sweet potato casserole, and Brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans to make for Thanksgiving.

After being on the go so much, I'm thankful for a break. Thankful for family and friends. Thankful for cooking, coffee and laughter. Thankful for rest and tradition.

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Christine said...

Can't wait to see you! And don't hate me, but I had to Google Eric Ripert.