24 March 2011

Over the past 14 days...

  • We celebrated Pi Day by ordering our favorite pizza from a local Italian restaurant. My grandparents always called it "pizza pie" so I think it's totally appropriate. Plus I didn't have to cook it. This celebration pales in comparison to previous celebrations that included: chicken pot pie, coconut cream pie, quiche and Husby's introduction to the Moon Pie. But we love pizza and Bruno's, so we'll survive. I was close to making a dessert pie, but I had zero desire to cook.
  • I've had little desire to cook until this week. The reason? The week following spring break included TIME CHANGE. To the people in Tyler who chose that week as spring break: EPIC FAIL. (All schools in Tyler [public, private and colleges] take spring break them same week.) Not only was is cold and dark outside when I left the first day after break, but all of my friends had a different spring break. It's just not fair. Well, except for the fact that I got a week off in the middle of the year.
  • I'm participating in an NCAA bracket at school. Faculty and students are able to play. I wasn't going to, but then I remembered how well I did at the Oscar party without knowing anything about the movies. I decided to choose the team either by which school I like best or which team colors I like best. Turns out that was the way to go! Out of 46, I'm in 8th place right now. And I'm leading all other faculty. I offered my boss to help him pick his bracket for next year. He asked if my final four were are still in the bracket, and I just laughed. I have NO CLUE who I put in the final four. Although I'm pretty sure I picked Ohio State to win it all.
  • We have some other really exciting stuff happening [not in the form of babies], and I hope to share it in the next few weeks.

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Stefani said...

I'm glad to know someone else I know has other "exciting things happening" - not in the form of babies.
Take Care.