01 December 2009

A Little Miscellany

Wow, a week off of work for Thanksgiving meant a week off of everything. Except laundry. It never ends. My strategy this week is to do a load a day. Somehow I still think I'll have as much laundry to do this weekend.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for a trip with the juniors at our school. We're heading to tour five colleges in three days. Ex-haus-ting! And it's the first time Husby and I will spend time apart. Which means I'll have all the covers to myself everynight. I suspect I'll be excited to return to him on Friday. You know, I do have a husband and all. He'll need food. And clean laundry.

We finished our Christmas tree tonight, and I must say, he's a master tree-decorator. Seriously, this man has skills! The Christmas tree looks amazing. Pictures will come at some point. Maybe when I convince myself that it doesn't take that long to download pictures. Although, photographing a tree is difficult. They just don't seem as pretty in a picture.

I need to pack for the next three days, but before I do, I have some exciting things to share. These could make for good Christmas presents!

1. Amazon is amazing. So is Real Simple magazine. Today, I ordered a year-long subscription from Amazon for $5. That's right 12 issues = $5. Holla. They have other titles, as well.

2. I am a new lover of Stella & Dot jewlery. It's so cute super cute! I'm hosting a party next Tuesday, and I'm so excited!

3. One of my favorite movies this year, Julie & Julia, will be released to DVD next week. Because Amazon is amazing, they're offering a pre-order for $9.99. That's awesome, people. I hope my email with the link to Husby was a direct enough hint.

4. On our honeymoon, I purchased a One Line a Day Memory Book. I always have great intentions of journaling, but life happens, and I forget. Then the journals turn into binders for shopping lists or packing lists. This book is great. You write the highlights of the day, and you're done! And it's not completely overwhelming if you get a couple of days behind.

Enjoy the rest of the week! Happy December!

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podso said...

Interesting amazon info here. You never know what you'll find on a blog! I came here from Pleasant Drive, because of what you said about Romania (ditto here).