03 October 2009

Readership is Up

It appears that readership has gone from nine, as mentioned in this post, to ten! Thanks, Claire, for sharing that you're a new reader. :)

Our wedding is two weeks away. I'm so excited! I've loved every moment of our engagement, but I'm ready for the planning phase to pass. It's such a long state of transition; I'm ready to cross to the other side.

I had a second bridal shower today, and received some great things. I can't wait to use it all. Though, today, I was kindly reminded by Claire (new reader, see above) that I can't use anything until after the wedding. I'm pretty sure she could see the wheels turning as I planned to use things tonight. Previously, I've been the enforcer of wedding gift use, but it's just so dang tempting to break out all the pretty things!

Crazy enough, I've heard that some people receive wedding gifts, and then don't use them. What?! I wonder, did this happen to you? What items are still sitting in a box at the back of a closet? I'd love to know if I registered for things that I'll never use.

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Pleasant Drive said...

Kristina, I love your humor :) You always crack me up when I read your posts. I can't think of any wedding gifts that we just haven't really used, at all. I mean, all that serving stuff doesn't get that much use, but I still use it. Just not everyday. And, I think I used a couple of things before the wedding, too. Tsk! Tsk!