05 October 2009

Home Sweet Home...Almost

You know how nice it feels to finally make it home after an extended vacation? Or maybe even a long day? Well, Luke & Kathryn, Maddie's parents', almost made it home with her. Maddie made so much progress over the weekend, the doctor's felt it was time for her to go home. With the car packed and going-home outfits adorning mom and baby, this new family of three was excited to make the drive they hadn't made since September 24. But other plans were in the works.

Just before they were discharged, the doctor shared that some of Maddie's lab results came back elevated. Ultimately, this could be the cause of the bouts of apnea that trouble Maddie. Mom, Dad & Baby Maddie decided to stay at the hospital one more day for monitoring.

Please pray for the doctor's to pinpoint the cause of Maddie's elevated levels. Pray for complete healing for Maddie. Pray for peace and rest for her parents and family. Pray that they'll soon go home as a family of three.

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