02 September 2013

the end of summer

Just so you know, I've started two posts lamenting the end of summer. But I never posted them. And now? I'm done. Just like everyone else who lives in a climate that feels like the outer gates of Mordor.

(My husband will be so proud of that reference.)

(Also, remind me to tell you about the time I watched Star Trek Wars.)

I think it's like this every year. Summer starts drawing to a close, and I don't want it to end. I love hot weather and summer foods, time away from home and late nights. I'm not sure if it still plays, but years ago, Country Time Lemonade had commercial about the end of summer. As I remember, the narrator--in his country accent, of course--told us that summer was drawing to a close as the camera overlooked a pond or lake with the sun low in the sky. I never liked that commercial much. That commercial makes my soul ache for summer to never end.

And if I'd posted one of the two original drafts? Well, you'd know that I was aching for this season to stay. This summer was a good time in our marriage because we just aren't busy. But now a new normal is setting in. One where we wake early and gather back at home for dinner, except for the nights when J has class.

(But this is IT. The last semester of those darn CPA classes!)

We're one week into this new normal. Which means one week closer to Christmas break. (And J being finished!) Our calendars are filling up with fall birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and holiday parties (!). So now I'm ready for summer to end. I want these hot, hot days to draw to a close. I want to celebrate with others and spend time with friends while sipping apple cider and making fall crafts. I look forward to this new season that I adore, and all that it brings.

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Christine said...

Fun! I definitely can't wait for summer weather to be OVER! One of my favorite things last fall was making the burlap wreath with you and Brooke. We need to get together!