27 June 2012

a year of dates: comedy club

First up in our year of dates: a comedy club with three acts. Although I can create the above date card with a moving box, scraps of paper, a Sharpie and an ink pad, it is beyond my creative ability to come up with catch-y names or titles. We all have weaknesses, right?

The title of our comedy club: ha(squared). Get it? Ha, ha.

(I know; it's super corny.)

(But it included appetizers and drinks, prepared by me. So that made up for me having to explain the name of it.)

(I am nothing, if not proud of my cooking ability.)

(And my ability to make a gift from a moving box.)

The Ha Ha Comedy Club was at our house. As promised on the date card, I made a dinner of appetizers.  Actually, it was just one appetizer since it was just the two of us. On the menu: Pioneer Woman's Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders. So, so, so good. To go with them, we had grown-up Cherry Vanilla Coke, using grenadine and a splash vanilla vodka. Very tasty!

As I prepped dinner, we had our first act. I ordered Mad Libs in Love from Amazon. I'm pretty sure neither of us had done Mad Libs since junior high. It was fun, but I don't think you'd have to have the "in Love" version. Any Mad Libs you have in the house or find at the dollar store will work! If you're on a budget--or wish you hadn't spent $5 on a book that you only use for 20 minutes--try an online version.

After dinner, we headed to the couch. (Our most favorite place in the whole house.) The second act was a comedy DVD. Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian. We watched his I'm No Rockstar comedy DVD. HILARIOUS! He has tons of videos on YouTube. With the videos found on You Tube, this could be another no-cost way to do this date! Here's one of our favorites, his tribute to Chick-fil-a:

For the final act, we headed to the computer. I LOVE laughing with my husband. Like really laughing. Until there are tears. So we visited: Graph Jam, Cake Wrecks and Damn You Auto Correct. (I know. A cuss word after a Christian comedian. Yikes!) These produce the hoped for laughter! We clicked from one thing to the next, just dying from laughter. That's the best!

Our year of dates was off to a great start. We spent an entire evening together, laughing.

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allison said...

Seriously, Kristina...so creative. And what sweet memories you & Jeremy are making. I love this.