18 March 2012

spring break wrap-up

Today is my last day of spring break. And it's been a wonderful week. Last weekend, I was a little worried as rain and cooler temperatures were in the forecast all week. But true to Texas weather patterns, it only sprinkled once or twice, and a few days even were a bit too warm for mid-March. But the sun felt wonderful on my pale skin. I wore short sleeves and flip flops, and I only opened my make-up bag to dig out mascara and bronzer on the days that requried leaving the house for more than The Home Depot.

My time was spent well. I was intentional in connecting with friends, whether in person or by phone. I had coffee and lunch and dinner and a pedicure and drinks and good conversation. These days were full of thankfulness for my friends. Even though I missed seeing a few during the week, I've made plans to connect with them soon.

I was productive in the yard. I worked our flower beds. Raked the final oak leaves from our front yard. Pulled up no less than 30 baby oak trees, and I feel certain that a dozen more have popped up. Bought a new container of fire ant killer. Used the new container of fire ant killer, which brings me great joy. Bought a rotary spreader and fertilizer for our grass. Used the rotary spreader, which brings me great joy. Planted baby lettuces and herbs, which brings me great joy.

On Wednesday, I made a trip to Goodwill. I've been on the hunt for a desk chair, as our current chair has wheels on the bottom, and it's only a matter of time before it ruins the carpet. I found a chair a Goodwill and decided that I would try my hand at upholstering. I have absolutely no idea how to upholster, but I decided it'd be a good and (relatively) easy project. In fact, as I eyed the chair in the store, a sweet lady came to me to tell me that I had to buy the chair. Then she proceded to tell me how much fabric I'd need for the project, along with other tips. This attracted another shopper who shared her ideas. It was a fun day thrifting! I hope to post the project soon. It might be a couple of weeks before it's all done, though.

I convinced Husby to take off work on Friday. We had a lazy morning. Earlier in the week, I decided to try savory oatmeal. I loved it so much that I was dying to make it for him. It's definitely a new favorite! After brunch, we headed to a local park to walk through the nature trails. It was so nice to be outside and together. He's gone back to school to get his CPA, so our quality time has suffered over the past months.

I feel certain that I could be a stay-at-home dog-and-cat-mom for at least another week. But it's back to work tomorrow. Routine will be nice. I'm implementing a new house cleaning strategy this week, so I'll report back on that soon.

Here's to 9-ish more weeks of school until summer!

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Christine said...

your little herbs and things are so cute!