04 January 2012

a list for 2012

I can't believe the planner in me made it to January 4 without establishing any concrete goals / resolutions for the year. It's pained me a little, but I've really tried to work on attainable goals. You know, maybe those that will stick around pasy January 4.

1. Finish all the books I've started.
This is totally doable. And necessary. When we moved last year, I packed all of my books in progress. I didn't find them until a few weeks ago. Sad, I know. I could be forgetting one or two, but I know that these are on the list: Into the Wild, Bird by Bird, The Glass Castle, Cordelia's Honor, One Thousand Gifts.

2. Find a farm that provides fresh eggs.
As much as I would love to buy everything local and organic, it's overwhelming. I've decided to start with baby steps. We use lots of eggs, and I love 'em! I don't typically have time to make them for breakfast, but I love an easy dinner of roasted vegetables with a fried egg on top. We buy free range eggs at our grocery, but I really want to buy local eggs. Although we technically live in a small city, our home is in a more rural area. I've seen a 'fresh eggs' sign down the road from us. Now, I need to work up the courage to make my way up their winding drive!

3. Have friends over for dinner.
I wish that my goal were: have more friends over for dinner. Since we married, having people over seems to have come to a halt. I'm not sure why. But this girl loves having people over for dinner! We're stepping up our game this year. I'm shooting for once a month.

4. Unpack all boxes.
If you're counting months, we moved eight months ago. We have a room of forgotten boxes. Shutting the door does wonders! Over Christmas break, I emptied 9 boxes, along with organizing lots in our house. I'm giving myself until December to unpack the rest.

5. Read the Old Testament.
Technically, this could go under goal #1. I set out to read the entire Bible last year. I only read about 25%. I decided that I'd modify my goal. This year, I'll finish reading the Old Testament.

I like my list. I've thought about these goals for several days. These are all things that I can over the course of 2012. What about you? Anything you'd like to accomplish this year?

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Christine said...

It's a very nice, doable list! I like the eggs goal :)